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Why Cricket8

At Cricket8, we recognize that cricket is more than just numbers and statistics. We understand the power of storytelling and the magic it brings to the game. While others focus on the data, we embark on a unique journey to fill the gap by weaving captivating narratives around cricket.
Join us as we dive deep into the untold stories, personal experiences, and historic moments that breathe life into the game. We go beyond the scorecards and delve into the emotions, rivalries, and triumphs that make cricket a mesmerizing tapestry of human drama.
Through our expertly crafted articles, immersive storytelling, and rich multimedia content, we bring you closer to the heart and soul of cricket. From the legends who shaped the game to the riveting encounters that etched themselves into history, we paint a vivid picture that ignites your passion for the sport.
Discover the narratives that unfold behind the scenes, the anecdotes that define cricket’s spirit, and the legends whose journeys inspire generations. With our commitment to describing cricket with a story, we invite you to experience the enchantment of the game like never before.
Step into a world where cricket transcends the boundaries of mere statistics, and be part of a community that celebrates the captivating fusion of cricket and storytelling. Embrace the essence of the game through our unique lens, and let us transport you to a realm where every delivery carries the weight of a thousand stories.
At Cricket8, we believe that cricket is meant to be felt, experienced, and shared. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we unravel the hidden tales and showcase cricket in all its narrative glory. Together, let’s breathe life into the game and rediscover the power of storytelling in cricket.

Our Story

Once upon a time, in the world of cricket, where the roar of the crowd and the clash of willow on leather reverberated through the air, there was a void waiting to be filled. The cricketing landscape was awash with numbers and statistics, while the soul-stirring stories behind the game remained untold.
In this era of data-driven analysis, a group of passionate cricket enthusiasts came together with a vision to bridge this gap. They believed that cricket was more than just runs, wickets, and averages. It was an embodiment of human spirit, rivalries, and triumphs. They yearned to capture the magic that unfolded on the field and share it with the world. With unwavering determination, they embarked on a quest to bring the heart and soul of cricket to life. Thus, Cricket8 was born – a beacon of storytelling amidst a sea of numbers. Their mission was clear: to describe cricket with a story.
Every day, the dedicated team at Cricket8 delved into the annals of cricket history, unearthing hidden gems and forgotten tales. They celebrated the legends who had once graced the hallowed turf, carving their names in the fabric of the game. They chronicled the fierce rivalries, the moments of glory, and the instances that tugged at heartstrings, capturing the essence of cricket’s human drama.

Through their expertly crafted articles, evocative imagery, and immersive multimedia, Cricket8 wove a tapestry of storytelling that enraptured fans around the world. From the dusty grounds of Test matches to the electrifying atmosphere of limited-overs battles, they breathed life into every delivery, transforming it into a chapter of a captivating tale.

As the brand flourished, an enchanting community formed around it. Cricket lovers and storytelling enthusiasts alike were drawn to Cricket8’s unique approach. They found solace in the narratives that unfolded, the emotions that coursed through the words, and the shared experiences that transcended borders.
At Cricket8, cricket was not just a game; it was a symphony of passion, heritage, and legacy. Through their tireless efforts, they connected fans to the spirit of cricket in a profound and meaningful way. Their brand story became intertwined with the stories they told, as each article, each video, and each interaction enriched the collective tapestry of cricket’s rich history.
Today, Cricket8 stands as a testament to the power of storytelling, serving as a lighthouse in a sea of statistical overload. It reminds us all that beyond the numbers lies a world of human triumphs, heartbreaks, and moments that resonate deep within our souls.
So, come and embark on a journey with Cricket8, where every match unfolds as a narrative waiting to be told. Let us share the untold stories, celebrate the heroes, and relive the magic that makes cricket the magnificent spectacle it is.
This is the story of Cricket8 – where cricket and storytelling intertwine, bringing the game to life in all its glorious shades. Welcome to a world where cricket’s heartbeat resonates through the power of words, and together, we rediscover the power of storytelling in cricket
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Latest Message: 1 week, 2 days ago
  • Ananthan m : Aus won
  • King_Kohli : Did swapping Siraj and Shami with the new ball negatively impact both bowlers?
  • King_Kohli : Has*
  • King_Kohli : And he’s there ever been a better 100 ball 50 in ODI cricket than this?
  • King_Kohli : Will Travis Head be awarded the keys to the city of Adelaide?
  • Mayank yadav : Live match
  • Patsy : But good work all of you. Enjoyable stuff
  • guest_5574 : 9
  • Patsy : Such a shame this game has fizzzled out into nothing. I have to have a kip before NFL at 18.0. Thanks all for the content and good luck to you all. Don't forget Brechin Castle in the 4.00
  • Machel : Can someone please put up Machel's fantasy team?
  • King_Kohli : With all of Rob’s superb tips, will he be off to the Maldives for a well earned rest after the match?
  • Patsy : Rob has it right. What on earth are IND waiting for? Let the game get away from them
  • Patsy : put 2 wickets for 20 runs next to AUS score this game looks vey different. IND need to be more aggressive here surely?
  • guest_8879 : India will be won World Cup cricket final on 19
  • Ananthan m : India will see won yes...Wait..
  • Ab_Amit : Hey Acid how are you?
  • Acid : What do you think the Indians should try to break this partnership?
  • Ab_Amit : I want INDIA to win yeaa
  • Patsy : Trading a different fish, as Rob says
  • Patsy : Never cash out
  • Patsy : Looking ok for them Ab-Anit, imo
  • Ab_Amit : Hello, will India lose or win?
  • Patsy : Lot of balls to not DRS that one
  • Patsy : Because I'd be making a shepherds pie in my undercrackers!
  • Patsy : Lads I did ask earlier about home field advantage. Do you think this atmosphere is affecting AUS?
  • Patsy : Lovely to hear the word discombobulated there from Rob
  • Patsy : It was definitely missing leg stump
  • Patsy : @Zain because the ECB are terrible administrators
  • Patsy : Hold on
  • Patsy : This could be an early finish
  • Zain : How is Australia about to win 2 white ball world cups in England’s greatest white ball era 😂
  • Patsy : Back from the shops lads. Did I miss much?
  • Bugsy : Can you guys explain this dew business? Is it really that big of factor in this second innings?
  • Brad : Would be hilarious if australia win given barely many know there’s a cricket WC going on here
  • Prasenjit : India
  • guest_3559 : K
  • Kael : You reckon Travid Head gets picked up in the IPL auction next year?
  • Jarrod_FanGirl : Should we take a bet on Australia scoring >70 in first ten
  • Gurliv : why wouldn't you farm the strike in this case? Miller missed quite a few there. The bowlers tend to get under pressure and they bowl try to get you off strike.
  • Gurliv : Man the issue was dew wasn't a factor. Given they wanted to bat first anyhow and with dew as a factor, it was not a good decision.
  • Gurliv : ​Don't you think India shot themselves in teh foot by preparing a dodgy wicket. The better control of indian bowlers gives them an advantage on flatter decks?
  • Patsy : Is it me or does this pitch look more ropey by the minute?
  • Patsy : Jadeja gone ffs
  • Patsy : Pair of ducks ffs
  • guest_555 : 29
  • Patsy : Jadega needs to sling the willow here
  • guest_5023 : what's the par score
  • Patsy : 295 max for ind
  • Emalaya a : Ind. Aus
  • Patsy : Backing AUS in play
  • Patsy : 295
  • Patsy : If only we could eat value#
  • Patsy : Jadeja up for Rob
  • Patsy : motm bet done there
  • Patsy : Just tip him anyway ffs!
  • xX34 : Can you guys teach me poker/
  • INDIA : yeeeee kohli 50
  • Patsy : Virat IN
  • Patsy : Yes, Get the poker on! I hear your dealer is pretty handsome!
  • INDIA : Please tell me will kohli hit 100?
  • INDIA : yoooo
  • AMan27 : heloooo
  • King_Kohli : Matthew Hayden’s thinks the innings line should be around 250. Any chance we can sub in Rob for him?
  • Patsy : @keshabdelhi Cricklewood unfortunately!
  • AMan27 : can you please embed the match here so that I can see both
  • AMan27 : show*
  • AMan27 : I'm enjoying the shiow
  • keshabdelhi : anyone from delhi?
  • Patsy : Hope you're right @AMan27
  • guest_6553 : Been 1 2 since the last wicket every other ball a 0 or 1
  • AMan27 : Kohli will hit 100
  • Patsy : 7/4 doesn't look awful
  • Patsy : Aussie have done really well to slow the run rate here.
  • Patsy : wd Rob
  • guest_1803 : India
  • guest_1803 : Gijng
  • AMan27 : Bet is on Virat
  • AMan27 : Hello, what's the challenging score?
  • Patsy : Some savage Mitch Marsh hatred there lads!
  • guest_1969 : ..
  • Patsy : I'm having another quarter unit on Jadeja on Rob's say so
  • Anshika sabharwal : Not able to join
  • Patsy : @1969 it loos like he'll need to get it for IND to win. So is the outright a better bet? If he goes over and the mid order gives some support? Get some cover?
  • Degenerate_Punter : Matthew Hayden reckons 240 is the score India might be looking for. Surely he’s got half a million on unders then?
  • Patsy : spot
  • Patsy : @1238 fair enough. I'm searching for a |HOU let down s
  • Patsy : Thoughts on the total. Will it take 320 from India to win?
  • guest_1969 : Virat 79.5 1.91
  • guest_1238 : @patsy not quite re ARI as think HOU will score heavy so landed on the total
  • Patsy : 291.5 is a sharp enough line
  • guest_298 : Kriket
  • guest_7443 : Guest
  • Patsy : When's the poker starting lads?
  • guest_5031 : I
  • Patsy : Had a quarter unit on Jadeja top India bat for the craic
  • guest_6381Vishnu pra : I wish India won this match,and forgot whatever happend in past that India has lost his 3 wicket I think we should focus on our current batting order that how can we make a partnership of 200-300 without losing any wickets.
  • Patsy : Bueonos ffas!
  • Patsy : Bueons Aires 169
  • guest_1969 : BONJOUR
  • Patsy : Youi'd hope so. What's a good total for IND lads?
  • Patsy : Does 7 an over do it?
  • guest_8027 : Mms BB mm kk nm mm mm hu un . m
  • Patsy : 1969, do you fancy ARI ats? Get against CJ this week?
  • guest_1969 : Over 48 ARI@HOU
  • guest_1969 : Over 48 ARI@HOU
  • Patsy : Hell of a ball from Cummings tbf
  • guest_126 : Indi
  • Patsy : I like to hear the aftertiming tbf
  • guest_9283pramo : Guptaprmod
  • Patsy : ffs
  • Patsy : Rohit nice and aggressive
  • Patsy : If anyone fancies a small play on the horses have a little double on The Kimble Brewery 1.10 Chelt with Brechin Castle 4.00 Chelt
  • Jiten Borah : I want to world cup cricket match .
  • guest_6199pramppo : P
  • guest_5255 : Please I want to world cup cricket match
  • Patsy : Big Virat giving it some here
  • guest_8380 : hello anyone from UP?
  • guest_398 : Bring on Virat
  • guest_398 : Wicket!
  • guest_4269 : my name has 69 in it YESS
  • guest_8381 : India outshined everyone in this tounament. 9/9 WINS
  • guest_8381 : I don't think so
  • guest_4269 : best name ever
  • guest_398 : Lads, do we think there's a significant "home field " advantage?
  • guest_8381 : audio*
  • guest_8381 : *Aduio
  • guest_8381 : whats happening. I can hear only audi
  • guest_4585 : Hello
  • amit_sharma : Also, what WILL be the challenging TOTAL for AUSTRALIA?
  • guest_9440 : In last stream Rob said that the way to beat India is to get one of the guns to chase miestone and then go ham in powerplay when aus bat. Is pat thinking the same way? or is there something in the pitch more condusive to sending batting 2nd?
  • amit_sharma : can you tell me which batsman will outshine from Australian side?
  • guest_398 : Amit my friend let me find you horse to punt at Chleltenham this afternhoon? this
  • amit_sharma : who will win
  • amit_sharma : heyyyyyy any beting tips
  • Rohit102 : Yes
  • guest_398 : Only 7s
  • bumrah99 : let's hope for the best guys
  • imran : shami motm
  • bumrah99 : What do u guys think
  • bumrah99 : Otherwise it would be difficult
  • bumrah99 : We need to do 350+
  • guest_398 : Pitch looks pretty nippy?
  • guest_398 : We're all on Virat for motm right?
  • guest_398 : Good luck everyone
  • Rohit102 : I want to hear about the betting market analysis
  • Rohit102 : Yes
  • guest_398 : I have heard there i expert commentary available#
  • Baljit : Looking forward to this. Well done on putting this together Brooke !!
  • Imran : No. India is a cheater.
  • Rohit102 : BET FOR INDIA
  • Rohit102 : Yes Yesh
  • guest_9681 : India winner
  • Yesh : Will there be swing in the first 10 overs of either of the innings?
  • Trilok Singh : Indian good batting
  • Imran : Aus will won, Ind cheated
  • Imran : Australia
  • jasper923 : Hello guys, who will gonna win today?
  • Virat Fan : Hey all
  • guest_4155 : K
  • guest_1051bhagwan Na : Best team
  • guest_2777 : Hello !
  • guest_310 : sdsd
  • admin : Hello
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